Rika has actually enough time, light indigo locks inside the a beneficial hime clipped since suitable this lady image since the a beneficial miko

The lady sight are somewhat droopy that have amethyst yellow irides. She actually is petite, becoming some less than just Satoko. Towards school days, Rika wears a light short-sleeved shirt with a green bow, an effective navy-blue skirt, navy suspenders, light clothes and you can purple otherwise brown Mary Jane sneakers. Towards the free months, she wears a green sundress, that have a light bow in the front and you will white sandals. Inside Watanagashi Event, she wears a timeless miko consistent, filled with an elaborate hoe topped with tassels.

Rika’s hair color are white indigo, however with a good purplish tint that makes it research a strong red. Throughout the 3rd season of the anime, Rika’s irides imagine a bright glaring-yellow tone whenever she assumes on the woman mature image in the tall facts. During creating, she matriculates to your St. Lucia Academy inside 1988. She has person high and you can keeps the woman hime hairstyle. For their hope exactly how she will develop, thus to enter, given that explained below, After they C ry Wiki commonly only observe that Hanyu-chan are proper.

Identity and you can Mannerisms

Rika will appears smart beyond their ages. Since a highly youngster during the Himatsubushi-hen (that is place in June 1978), she predicted her very own death during the oru. Childish Rika sometimes speak having fun with “cute” phrases; plus sounds and you may rubbish terminology particularly “nipaa,”mii,” cat sounds and claiming “pachi pachi” (clap clap) when you find yourself clapping the lady hands, all of these pushes brand new lovely-enjoying Ryugu Rena insane. To increase their “cute” and female trend, Rika identifies by herself for the pronoun “boku,” hence, even though basically used by boys, is extremely attractive when employed by more youthful Japanese girls. She will not address you aren’t honorifics. In the Japanese community, this could be believed very rude as well as sometimes degrading, however, as the Furude miko, nobody generally seems to head much. Regarding English translation of manga she addresses visitors, no matter what many years otherwise gender, just like the “sir,” tend to end their sentences inside it. She has ingesting wines and you will eating hot delicacies, so you can Hanyu’s displeasure.

Correct Identity/Adult Sound

Whenever revealing the lady Genuine Identity, Rika’s cuteness disappears, and she converts cynical,apathetic plus mature. She switches pronouns off “boku” to help you “watashi” and her voice falls to help you a person woman’s. This is clear in the comic strip in which the same voice celebrity switches out-of a good child’s in order to a keen adult’s sound. About Sound Novel and you can manga, she uses elderly words and this most other letters periodically observe. Since this is this new persona and you will voice Rika uses when thought so you can by herself, narrating incidents, just in case talking to Hanyu, it can be assumed it’s this lady genuine personality, and this she enjoys around wraps to avoid frightening the girl relatives. Such as for example, from inside the Matsuribayashi-hen whenever she covers having Hanyu the woman choice when planning on taking a keen active area globally, Rika suggests that maybe she’s seeing Hanyu’s genuine mode. She’s that it discussion in her own mature voice. Rika’s next character tune, S.A great.G.A beneficial.

, is actually sung almost entirely together Correct Personality. This identity is additionally dull and you may occasionally rude to those together with adults.

The first occasion the woman True Character is actually shown is in Himatsubushi-hen when she warns Akasaka to go back to help you his wife and you may save the girl of perishing. It appears that across the countless globes she has become courtesy, Rika’s Real Identification might naturally a little distorted and you will sly, as she appears to get some fulfillment off taunting someone, like Akasaka, with the knowledge that she cannot have. It’s possible she’s be jaded on the futility of her situation. It can appear clear that in case she seems she actually is in a scene that simply cause problem, she brings up looking to let characters and dictate situations. Hence into the Minagoroshi-hen, she conveys https://datingranking.net/pl/colombiancupid-recenzja/ extreme monotony and you will fury doing a game title tournament she has played out numerous times up until Keiichi really does something you should change it. Frustrated with the girl inability to switch the best destiny of your own business inside the Watadamashi-hen, she castigates Keiichi in her Adult Sound. Similarly, during the Saikoroshi-hen, she confesses to help you herself that she got alienated herself out-of the woman mothers while the she long ago threw in the towel trying to save her or him. Rika used to overcome her fate with far better passion, but over the years, she became mentally worn down and finally retired to this lady fate. This is why, she seemingly have almost no demand for anything, due to the fact this lady has gone through what you repeatedly already (save yourself getting Sonozaki Mion’s unique bar issues, and therefore be seemingly certainly their couple delights in daily life), and you will she embraces whatever change, an effective otherwise crappy.